Quality pictures at its best

Quality pictures at its best

At fotocolaj.ro we are very preoccupied about quality. We choose our paper and printing machines thoughfuly, but not only, the design algorithms used by the website keep your photos at their best.

The pictures, independently of the medium they were taken, even those photos taken by phones or scanned photos are enhanced by the websites algorithms and brought at their best quality.

This way you don't have to worry about the quality of your pictures, they will be adapted for optimal print quality.

Although the editor will sometimes show you photos a bit blurry or pixelized, you can zoom in as much as you want, because the algorithms will enhance the quality by adding pixels.

You can check out the result accessing your designed photobook through your account, where you can see page by page how the photos will look like in print.

So even if you will want to archive your old photos, in a nicely wrapped photobook, you can scan them or take photos of them and they will look the same as the photos you already have.

Cannot wait to have your photobooks printed with forocolaj!

We recommend

40.00 x 30.00 cm, 1 pages
starting with 100 Lei

50.00 x 35.00 cm, 1 pages
starting with 115 Lei

45.00 x 45.00 cm, 1 pages
starting with 125 Lei

7.00 x 7.00 cm, 6 pages
starting with 36 Lei